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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I know, I know....it has been absolutely FOREVER since I had last posted something on here! I feel so guilty about slacking out on you all :( College courses and work are the only things I have had time for over the last few months, but thankfully we are now getting into the holidays, which means that I will (hopefully) be blogging up a storm over the next few months! Yayyyyy!

Well, first things first, happy Turkey-Day/Hanukkah (Day 1) to everyone! I am so thankful for my health, education (yes, school), family, and friends...and of course you all! I hope you all will beenjoying the day and will be spending it with family and friends.  I will be heading two hours away from home to a family gathering at my grandmother's house and following Thanksgiving dinner we will be starting our crazy adventure of Black Friday shopping (which will of course be summed up in its own post)! 

I won't be posting very often today on my Blogger account, but I will be constantly posting on my Twitter which I will link below. 

Turkey-Day Challenge: Tweet me/comment you answers below! "What are a few things that you all do on Thanksgiving?" "What are you thankful for?"  I can't wait to read your responses! Hope you all have a very happy Turkey-Day!!!

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