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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

After Christmas Sales & Finds

 Everyone knows that Santa usually brings everything on your list, depending on if you were on the nice or naughty list of course. So Christmas morning you gather up all your new and exciting gifts and appreciate each of them for what they are, and don't think twice about what may or may not have been checked off your Christmas list. This moment of gratefulness is soon overthrown by the exhilaration of the talk and advertisements of after Christmas sales. Hypocritically of me, I too jump right into the bandwagon of retail savings and sales. This year I chose to only go to the stores and sales that I had coupons or gift cards to, one of the stores I visited was the infamous Charming Charlie. As I walked into the store with my shopping buddy (my mother) we were handed a long list of everything that was discounted and marked down in the store. My jaw dropped when I read the percentages that were being taken off of certain items and my pocket slowly started to create a hole for all of my money to escape and turn itself into unnecessary handbags and accessories.

Two hours later and my mom and emerged out of the store with a total of five purses, two necklaces, five pairs of earrings, and a watch. Crazy, I know. But if each of you had seen the sales, you too would have walked out with as much or even more merchandise than we did.

Here is the shocking part...I purchased four handbags and two statement necklaces...for less than $20!!! I know you are all wondering how I did this...so I will break it down for you. My original total was $42.13 (all of the items I purchased were on sale) and Charming Charlie was having a promotional coupon for $5 off of a $30 purchase, $10 off  $40 and so on (It was either $5 off of $30 or of $35, I can't quite remember...). My total was then $37.13, and to lessen my burden even more, I had received a $20 Charming Charlie gift card for Christmas and decided to use it for this purchase. Making my overall out of pocket total $17.13! That is hugeee savings! If you all had seen how much each purse and necklace was originally, you would be just as excited as I am.

Here are the amazing items I purchased at this mega sale (one purse is not in the picture because I purchased it for my mother as a belated Christmas gift)!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing my fabulous finds from the after Christmas sales! Until next post! 

Belated Birthday Post!

So it has been almost 3 weeks since my birthday and I have still not posted about any of my amazing gifts! This birthday was a definite milestone birthday. And being my 18th birthday, I was spoiled rotten! Here is a sneaky peek of everything I got! 

I was so lucky to have been able to celebrate my birthday for 2 whole days! On the first day, I went shopping with my best friend (on the right of the picture below) and to dinner and the second day (my birthday) I spent shopping with my mom and I later went to dinner at Dave and Busters with my family.

It was an absolutely amazing birthday and I would not have traded it for anything else in the world! Until next post! Tootles!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm on Bloglovin!

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Hope you will follow me <3 

Happy (Belated) New Year!

I'm so sorry that I have not been blogging as much as I had hoped to! My holiday was extremely crazy and I was not able to finish any of my intended blogging of my "10 Days of Christmas" segments. Alas, this is a new year, and I have made it one of my many new year's resolutions to blog more and to create a new image for my blog. So without further adue, ta da! As promised I have changed the layout and design of my blog. A new year deserves a new look! :) In order to keep my resolution, I will be putting up a few blog posts today and tomorrow (seeing as I have a load of free time right now) so keep an eye out for what is to come!