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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Buying on Poshmark: A Review

With my first ever purchase on Poshmark being made, I felt it was necessary to review the website and its accessibility and relevance to today's styles, trends, and fashions. Poshmark is a website, with its very own app, that allows individuals to sell and purchase used and new clothing, accessories, and makeup. Looking to get some stylish, on-trend clothing all while being sustainable and eco-friendly? Then Poshmark might be the place to shop for you!

As someone who is plus sized, very picky, and is lazy with wanting to go thrift store to thrift store, searching for the next big fashion find, I figured I would give Poshmark a try. I plugged in my various sizes in clothes and shoes and desired brands into the app, and I was able to search for my desired items. My first search was for perhaps the most important thing in my wardrobe, shoes. I was searching for a pair of heels that I could wear to fashion events that wouldn't kill my feet and that looked as if they were hardly worn or brand new. After an hour or so of searching I came across the most beautiful beaded, slip-on mule heels; of which I happily purchased (brand new) for just $5 with $4.99 shipping!

 dyables Shoes - ❄️❄️#Shoes BOGO 50% OFF 10B Beaded Slipper❄️❄️

After purchasing this first pair of shoes, I may have gone a little crazy, searching for items that I had not seen in stores for YEARS. And surprisingly, I managed to find one of these hard-to-find items on Poshmark for a steal! The item I was searching for was a Kate Spade holographic fuchsia wallet to match my Kate Spade Holographic Pink Quinn bag, and believe it or not, I found it!!! And for just $10 with $4.99 shipping, I got -the- perfect wallet/coin-purse to match my handbag.

kate spade Handbags - Kate spade coin purse

Unfortunately, I have yet to find any clothing on Poshmark, likely due to being plus sized and my insecurity of how clothes might fit without trying them on. However, I will continue my search for the perfect Poshmark-esque piece of clothing. With the few purchases I have made, I highly suggest having a look at their app or website to find yourself a wonderful second-hand steal!

Wishing you successful shopping,
-The Sophisticated Shopper

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