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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fave Fruity Lip Balms!

I've noticed that during the summer time, my lips tend to get chapped...a LOT! I tried using regular Chapstick and it just wasn't hydrating enough. I then tried using a variety of e.o.s. lip balms, and they made my lips burn even more! So I went on a search for the perfect lip balm. What is a perfect lip balm?" you ask... it is one that tastes as good as it smells, is hydrating and medicating to chapped lips, and my personal favorite, is travel sized in pretty packaging.

After searching for weeks, I found three lip balms that I absolutely LOVE

The first lip balm I purchased was the "Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm" by Rosebud Perfume Company. A fun fact about this company is that all of their lip balms are cruelty free and gluten free! I found this amazing little lip balm at Sephora for the somewhat expensive price of $7.57. It is kind of expensive for a lip balm, but this lip balm is by far the best lip balm I have EVER tried in my 18 years of living!  It smells just like freshly picked strawberry and it feels like silk against your lips! The consistency is a little like Vaseline but more solid. When on your lips, it appears to be sheer with a slight shine. They only complaint I would ever have with this balm is that you have to apply it with your finger, which can be a bit of a bother, but any potted lip balm will make the same small mess. I would rate this lip balm to be a 10/10! So if you are feeling fancy and are looking for the perfect lip balm, go check it out at Sephora! (If you aren't interested in the Strawberry flavor, they also have it in a minty flavor.)

The next balms that I purchased came in a set of two by the brand Absolute New York. This company is also cruelty free and against animal testing (which is HUGE in my book.) The flavors I purchased were "You're the Balm: Grape" and "You're the Balm: Green Apple." I purchased these two potted lip balms from Marshall's for the amazing price of $3.99 (significantly cheaper than the "Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm" and you get two yummy balms for the price of one!) The original retail price on this set is $6.99, which is a great deal even at the retail price. The Grape balm smells and tastes exactly like grape! Which I first thought would be a problem, seeing as I pictured it to taste like cough medicine, but it turned out to taste fantastic! Almost like a grape lollypop! The Green Apple flavor did not really smell like an apple, but it did smell and taste like a Watermelon Jolly Rancher! Yummy! One swipe of these lip balms doesn't cover your lips as well as one swipe of the "Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm," but after two or three coats, they start to work their magic and start to hydrate and smooth your lips. Individually I would rate the Grape balm as a 9/10 and the Green Apple Balm as a 8/10 (probably because of the smell.) As a package I would probably rate this as a 9/10.

Out of these three I am definitely more in love with the "Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm" than the "You're the Balm" lip balms, just because it takes less product to get a better result and it smells true to its label.

Feel free to try out any of these three lip balms and tell me what you think of them! Also, if you have any favorite lip balms and would like to share your favorites with me, please post them below!

Until next post! x
-The Sophisticated Shopper


  1. Lovely post!! Haven't tried any of the but the Strawberry one looks yummy! xx

    Marieta A.

    1. Thank you! x If you can, I would definitely reccomend going to your local Sephora and testing the Strawberry one out. It might excite you just as much as it did for me haha! Thanks for reading :) x