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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Purse Haul!

So I asked you all if you were up for yet another haul, and I'm assuming by your great amount of favoriting and re-tweeting my tweet that another haul was welcomed with open arms! Today's haul is about one of my favorite things in the world...purses!!! You may or may not know how crazy obsessed I am with purchasing and collecting different purses, totes, and clutches, but this haul will surely show you the level of obsession I have for purses.

In the last two months I have purchased 5 different bags. 5 PURSES!!! If you think that 5 purses is too many, you would go crazy if you knew how many purses and clutches I own...if you all are really intrigued with my purse collection let me know below or through Twitter and I may even make a post about my entire handbag collection.

So the first two bags I purchased are from Charming Charlie (the most dangerous place in the world for me to visit!) They were both a part of the amazing promotion they had going on in the store to where all of the sale and clearance handbags that were greater than $10, were ONLY $10!!! Ahhh! I absolutely went nuts! The first time I heard about the sale, I was looking around for birthday gifts for my mom when I came across an amazingly beautiful black faux-leather bag that looked like a Michael Kors knock off, and to my surprise it had a clearance sticker on the tag which meant only one thing...IT WAS ONLY $10!! My mom was absolutely thrilled when I gave her the bag for her birthday! It was $10 well spent :) Anywayss, I'm digressing. After I purchased my mom's birthday present and bought her a gift card, we returned on her birthday to let her pick out a few small things for herself. While we were there I picked up these two amazing bags, and both of them were on clearance! Yayy! The turquoise studded bag below, I had my eye on for a few months, but I just wasn't wanting to pay the $39.00 price for it. So when I found it at the sale for only $10, I immediately snatched it up! The other purse I picked up was this brown faux-leather bag with silver hardware. I was really drawn to this bag because of the rare silver-brown combo and because of the shade of brown the faux leather was. It's definitely a purse I will be using throughout the Fall/Winter seasons.

Black Turqoise Studded purse (Charming Charlie)      Orig. $39.00       SALE $10

Brown & Silver Hardware Bag (Charming Charlie)        Orig. $39.00       SALE $7.99

The next bag I purchased was from TJMaxx. This Olivia + Joy coral scaled beauty was screaming my name the minute I walked into the store. I immediately snatched it up and ended up bringing it home. It was originally a $98.00 bag and TJMaxx was selling it for $49.95, but I got it for a whopping $24.95 with a $25 TJMaxx gift card I was given for Easter! Such savingss!!!! I really love this bag because it is a "triple breasted bag," meaning it has 3 large separate compartments for you to store your things in (p.s. the brown Charming Charlie bag is also double breasted.) It also has a handy chain strap attached inside for you to carry the bag on your shoulder when it gets a bit fuller and heavier.

Olivia + Joy Red-Coral Scaled "triple breasted" Handbag (Marshall's)   
Orig. $98.00    Marshall's  $49.95

This next amazing little bag I surprisingly found at the restaurant, Cracker Barrel's, souvenir store. I bought this bag because it was an adorable chocolate brown color, it's made from real leather, and the front is designed to look like the stirrup from an English riding saddle. For those of you who didn't know, I used to ride and jump horses for years, and the moment I saw this bag, I just knew that it meant so much to me to be able to have something from my past to carry with me every day.

Cracker Barrel Brown Leather Stirrup Handbag    Orig. $29.95

The last bag that I purchased is actually going to be my new school bag. It is a Steve Madden tote/large handbag from Marshall's. I was so excited when I first saw this bag! The two toned grey colors just popped with the bright silver hardware, and I couldn't resist purchasing yet another Steve Madden product. I am absolutely in love with this bag so far, and I'm sure it will grow on me even more when school starts and I'm carrying it every day.

Steve Madden Two-Toned Grey Tote (Marshall's)   Orig. $98.00   Marshall's $39.95

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my new handbags! Like I said at the beginning of this post, if you are interested in seeing or reading about my entire handbag collection, comment below or send me a tweet @SophisticateKay. I got to show you some of my new favorite bags, why don't you show me yours? Send me a tweet with a picture of your favorite bag! Or tweet me or comment below and tell me what your favorite handbag brand is!

Until next time! x
-The Sophisticated Shopper


  1. Great picks! I love the Cracker Barrel Brown Leather Stirrup Handbag!

    Eileen | www.yesmissy.com

    1. Thanks Eileen! I love it too haha! Thanks for reading :) x