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Friday, July 4, 2014

SALE...the Most Dangerous 4 Letter Word

The word SHOP can bring danger to anyone with a bank account and a love of browsing for something new and exciting; but the word SALE brings extreme danger to those with a tendency to shop until they drop or until the funds run low. The Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale did just this to one person in particular...me. Now I know what some of you are thinking. "Do you ever stop shopping?" And the answer is, no. I have no idea what is wrong with me! When I see the words SALE or CLEARANCE, I automatically shut down the logical parts of my brain, and start to see things as "saving money" not "spending money." I find this to be a somewhat healthy habit...only because it is hard for me to justify spending money on full priced items unless I cannot live without that item. Some of you may think I'm crazy, but others may think that it is "genius"... or maybe I'm the only one who thinks that...

Enough about my crazy habits! Let me show you what amazing things I got at the VS Semi-Annual Sale!

I know what you're thinking.... "Really...you went to the sale and that's all that you bought?" My answer is, yes. I actually only wanted to buy the items that screamed out to me and had "screaming" prices. 

The first item I purchased was full priced. However, I was able to convince myself to purchase it because I had run out of my old bottle, and because this is my absolute FAVORITE perfume! I have this weird thing against flowery perfumes. They just don't smell right on me. But this MARVELOUS perfume is so fruity and fresh smelling that I can wear it any day to any event! It is definitely my go-to perfume.

Love Spell       Orig. $14.50

The next item is this adorable makeup bag! This bag just called out to me! Even though I already have a few little makeup bags, I decided that this bag was the perfect size to carry in my purse (I always carry a big purse) and it was clear so I could see the products that were inside it without having to dig through the bag and risk breaking the makeup or dirtying the inside of the bag. Plus, it is the perfect shade of pink for summer :)

VS Pink Clear Makeup Bag- Medium (Hot Pink)    Orig. $12.50   SALE $4.50

The next few items I purchased were a few of the VS eyeshadow products. The first item is the leopard eyeshadow pallete. All of the colors inside are nice, neutral colors that work perfectly with my skin tone without making me look too white and shiny. The single pot of eyeshadow I purchased is in a deep purple/wine color. I bought this because it went with a few of the purple shades that were in the pallete it was not a color that I have ever used before.

VS Plums/Greys Palette  Orig. $19.95   SALE $7.50

VS Metallized Eye Shadow- Plum    Orig. $10.50    SALE $5.20

And last, but not least, I purchased a hot pink and red striped VS iPhone 4/4S case to glam up my phone. I really loved this case because it was pretty, protective, and the original VS colors. (P.S. I didn't have a close up picture because it is on my phone at the moment, but if you want to see it close up, comment below!)

I hope you all liked this post about my shopping excursion at Victoria's Secret! If you have any requests of what you would like me to write about next, comment below or tweet me the topic at @SophisticateKay! Thanks for reading!

Until next time! x
- TheSophisticatedShopper

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