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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fashion Haul!

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! I know that I usually do a Fashion Find Friday for this kind of stuff, but I just couldn't wait! I recently have been doing a bit of school shopping and it seems that every time I go shopping, always buy something new for my closet. Today's haul consists of items bought during different shopping excursions I have gone on the past few weeks and I feel like everything I purchased was amazingly well priced and will make my wardrobe a little more sophisticated and college-like.
I found it a bit easier to put up the picture and just list the items purchased, where they were purchased, and how much they cost. I hope it will be a bit easier for you all to follow.

Let's get started with the clothing items!

  1. Purple button-down collared shirt (JCPenny)-Orig. $22, SALE $9
  2. Black & white tribal patterned collared shirt (JCPenny)-Orig. $22, SALE $9
  3. Blue high-low sheer dress (Marshall's)- Orig. $30, SALE $19.99
  4. Black & chartreuse braided tank, a.n.a. by JCPenny- Orig. $35, SALE $14  
  5. Grey studded sheer tank (Charlotte Russe)- Orig. $17.99, SALE $16.20 (w/ 10% off coupon) 
Now for the jewelry! I kind of went crazy and bought a bunch of jewelry...

From top to bottom, left to right...
  1. Turquoise and gold bracelet and bangle set (Charming Charlie)- Orig. $10, SALE $4.99
  2. Gold key necklace (Tinkerbell)-Orig. $2
  3. White and silver studs (Tinkerbell)-Orig. $2
  4. Pink and silver bangle set (Tinkerbell)-Prig. $2
  5. Turquoise and gold necklace and earring set (Charming Charlie)-Orig. $10, SALE $4.99
  6. Peace brown and gold leather bracelet (Charming Charlie)-Orig. $12, SALE $6.99
  7. Blue bead and gold cross bracelet (Charming Charlie)-Orig. $10, SALE 4.99
  8. Orange and gold cross bracelet (Charming Charlie)-Orig. $6.99, SALE $3.99
  9. Blue and silver studs (Tinkerbell)-Orig. $2
  10. Coral and gold bracelet set (Tinkerbell)-Orig. $2
Hope you all enjoyed! Until next time! -FashionistaForever<3

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