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Thursday, August 22, 2013

This is it!

The day I have been waiting for, for over 12 years, the official first day of college, is today! I am so excited to be attending classes at ASU this fall! The whole concept of having different classes each day is a little new to me, but I'm sure that I will get used to it in time. Today's classes consist of only Introductory Sociology and the club fair that is towards the end of the day (yes, I know it isn't a class, but it is an extra thing that I am planning on staying on the campus for.)

Every year it is a tradition for me to take a picture of my school supplies and books that are needed for the year (or in my case, the semester).  So I wanted to share my school supply pictures with you!
I won't be labeling every single thing I have, just the important things.

So without further adeue, here is my collection of school supplies for this year!

My bag is from Steve Madden (my absolute favorite designer), originally priced at $189.00, and I purchased it at Marshall's for $39.99.

The books I will be using for this year are Intro to Sociology, Basic Calculus, BIO 182 book package, and The Lexus and the Olive Tree (for my Agribusiness class).

Well, I am off to school! Wish me luck! -FashionistaForever<3

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