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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Clothing Haul!

​I am so sorry that this was so delayed! I finally am able to sit down for a short while to type up this segment for the first time in a while. So without further adieu here is the recent clothing haul I went on! 

A few days ago I went to my local mall to explore this season's semi-annual sales. In my opinion, the stores that were having the best sales were Bath & Bodyworks, Victoria's Secrets, and H&M. And of course, those are the stores that I spent the most money in. All together I bought 5 shirts, 1 dress, 1 necklace, 2 purses, 2 perfumes, and 3 bottles of lotion. 

​At the first store I hit, Bath & Body Works, I spent $9.48 (tax included) and bought over $50 worth the products! The spray bottle in the back of the picture on the left side is the scent "Country Apple". It is a retired scent and this bottle would originally cost you $12 and I bought it for the amazing price of $3! The bottle of lotion in front of the apple scented spray is called "Honey Sweetheart". It was originally $11 and I got it for 75% off which came to be about $2.29. The bottle of lotion across from the "Honey Sweetheart" lotion is called "Capri Seaside Citrus." This bottle of lotion retails for $11 and I got it for free (due to me exchanging and complaining about the "Venice Dulce Berry" lotionI received  as a gift.) The spray beind the citrus lotion is called "Berry Flirt" body mist. This bottle of spray originally costs $14 and I bought it for $3.78. I really wanted to get this spray because I recently ordered the "Berry Flirt" lotion and hand sanitizer online from them.

The next store that I went to was H&M. There I got a lot of 'bang for my buck.' Overall I spent $53 dollars even, but I ended up using a $25 gift card which made the total come up to about $36 with tax. This is where I purchased 4 out of the 5 shirts, the dress, and the necklace. The green shirt with the bejeweled shoulders was originally $19.95, but I purchased it for $10! The striped razor-back tank  to the right of the green shirt was the only piece of clothing I bought at the original retail price of $12.95. Below the green shirt is a black printed zipper-back tank that was originally $19.95 and I purchased it for the outstanding price of $5!!! The black v-neck laced shouldered shirt next to the printed tank was originally priced at $15.95 and it was purchased at the sale price of $7! The last piece of clothing purchased at H&M was this blue cheetah printed dress with a majorly cut out back. This dress was originally $29.95 and I bought it for the amazing price of $10! The necklace that was purchased at H&M is the necklace seen lying on top of the black v-neck top. This necklace was originally $11.95 and I purchased it for $7. 

​Victoria's Secret can be a rather expensive store, that is unless you go to their amazing Semi-Annual Sale! There I purchased an ASU shirt by Pink, to be worn at school in the fall, for $22.34 (with tax). This shirt would have originally cost me $39.59. I also got a free pair of Pink panties (originally priced $10.50), due to this amazing app I purchased for FREE on my iPad. This app is called PINK Nation. On this app, it has a slots-like game which allows you to play 25 times a day to try to get a free panty! I found out (from a little snooping on the app) that you don't even have to play to win! Just click the FREE PANTY link next to the controller for the game. I HIGHLY suggest you getting this app and trying this for yourself! 

​Today I ended this week's shopping extravaganza by stopping in at my nearby Target to look around at the clothing an accessories. And to my surprise they had an amazing clearance rack which lead to me purchasing two purses, both for only $5.98 each (both were originally priced at $19.98)!!! 

​Nothing beats a day of shopping thrifty and getting the most for your money! I hope this will encourage you, my readers, to get past the summer heat and head out to your local mall to find out what deals they have going on that will benefit both your closet AND your wallet.

Until next time! Stay fashionable my friends! -FashionistaForever<3

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