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Monday, June 10, 2013

Crazy Closets- Day 1

In my last post, Clothing Displays Gone Crazy!, I told you, my readers, that I would be posting a new organized closet picture every day and I would be dissecting the elements that make each closet clutter free and usable. Today I am going to start by using a smaller closet, for those of you that have less closet space to work with.

The closet below is much smaller than the average closet in houses today. It has less shelving and clothing storage than the closets I will be displaying the next few days. This closet  has a lot of floor space and the owner and designer of this closet space used it to their advantage. To the bottom right of the picture, there is a medium hight shoe rack which is used to both cutely display jeans, shorts and folded shirts. If you like this organizational idea but you do not want to use it to display jeans and shorts you could use it to cutely display shoes or just to hold  a large amount of shoes. To the left of this rack are some cute storage boxes that can be used as both decorations and boxes to hold items that can range from bathing suits, underwear, sunglasses, flip flops, or any personal items you do not want seen if the closet is open. To the left of the cute boxes are some clear storage containers that could be used for jean or short storage, folded shirts, or even extra shoe storage.

Above the clear storage boxes are some smaller clear storage boxes that could be used for anything small like scarves, underwear, or swimsuits. The large ornate frame looking thing is actually a jewelry board which is used to hold and display jewelry. This frame idea is great because it allows easy access to your jewelry and you can easily pair it with clothes without taking it off the board. Above the jewelry board is a pole that is used to hang clothes off of. The key thing with this particular example is that there is not too much clothing on the rack so it does not look too cluttered. At the very top of the closet is a shelf that has more decorated storage boxes for anything they wish to keep hidden or don't have room to display.

If you have more clothes than this closet pictures, I would wait to see the next few closets displayed over the next few days.

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