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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Crazy Closets- Day 2

Today is day two of my crazy closets segment. This post, like the others, will be discussing the elements of organization and design that make this closet so functional and easy to use. Today's closet will be a slightly bigger closet than the one from yesterday's segment. I will continue to post different sized closets to give you, my readers, different ideas about how you can organize and store your clothing and accessories, no matter the size of your storage!

This picture is of a partial closet, meaning that it has less storage for hanging clothes and more storage for folded clothes or for displaying shoes and accessories. Starting at the bottom right of the closet, we see small wicker baskets which could be used to hold either socks, underwear, swimsuits, sunglasses, or even flip flops. Above the baskets is a shelf used for towels. It could also be used for folded jeans, shorts, shirts, or tracksuits. Above that shelf is another shelf, this shelf is used for displaying fun sunglasses and makeup/makeup bags. This person decided to use it for displaying things, but it also could be used for storage purposes. The three shelves above the display shelf are sued for folded clothing storage. The very top shelves look like they are used for displaying shoes and holding large beach bags or gym bags.

Moving to the top left of the closet, you see two cute bags, one looks like a tote and the other a makeup carrier. This storage idea allows you to display your favorite bags yet keep them in a neat and tidy space. Below the bags you see one rack/pole used to hang skirts, shorts, and purses. If you have more clothing than the amount shown in this picture, I would suggest hanging shirts, jeans, shorts, and skirts for a better usage of this space. Underneath the rack is another set of shelves used for shoe display and storage. On the top of the first shelf is a pink bucket-like container used for cutely storing flip flops.

Keep in mind, this is a slightly smaller and harder way of organizing clothes, but if you have a strange space like this, you can use these storage ideas to keep your clothes tidy and organized. If you have any fun storage ideas e-mail them to me and they might just be displayed for all to see on this segment! Send your e-mails to fashionistaforeverkj@gmail.com along with your storage ideas and name for it to be displayed on my blog!

Happy organizing! -FashionistaForever<3

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